Friday, October 29, 2010

Mobile learning

In a recent post, we shared statistics on the growth of mobile, provided by the International Telecommunicaitons Union (ITU).

With this massive proliferation of "anywhere" technology, it is imperative that we ask, "How will this affect the ways in which we learn?"

David J. Gagnon provides a thorough discussion, titled Mobile Learning Environments in a recent edition of Educause Quarterly.

"Key takeaways:

  • With one billion devices expected to have mobile broadband Internet connections, the impact of mobile communication cannot be underestimated.
  • With this growth in mobile devices, it seems appropriate to ask what completely new things might be afforded by mobile media for learning.
  • The discussion of learning environments and mobile media grants educators an opportunity to adopt methods of situated, contextual, just-in-time, participatory, and personalized learning.
  • Theory aside, it seems common sense that instruction should be performed in the most authentic context possible to practice and demonstrate useful learning, which mobile learning environments can facilitate."


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