Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Closing the strategy-to-execution gap

According to a survey conducted by OnPoint Consulting:

  • 49% of leaders surveyed feel that a gap exists between the strategies they develop and their company's ability to execute on those strategies
  • 64% say they don't have full confidence that the gap can be closed
  • 75% believe that their companies have "clear and inspiring" visions

So, if it's not the vision that's the problem, and it's not the strategy that's the problem, why do so many leaders experience frustration with putting plans into action?

Skip Reardon, author of the Six Disciplines blog, identifies eight central factors that differentiate those who perceive a strategy-exection gap, from those who are confident about their abilties to execute. They include:  excellence in change management from the top, down; well-coordinated decisions across levels of management; effective human resource systems to ensure proper placement and compensation of employees, and; a proper balance between centralized and decentralized responsibility.

Do you perceive a strategy-execution gap in your organization? If so, to what do you attribute that?

If not, what are the key competencies or factors in place in your organization that support effective execution?

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