Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Standardizing the creative process

In 1981, Motorola developed its Six Sigma business management strategy. The objective of Six Sigma is to improve process quality by removing the causes of error and minimizing variability.

According to Advertising Age, "... marketing spend is the number 1 investment for most businesses - more even than IT or training." So why haven't agencies adopted the Six Sigma approach to standardize the development of marketing communications products and services? According to author Avi Dan, "Some people argue Six Sigma cannot work in an agency or any organization that depends on innovation. These people believe that creative organizations are often built on the principle of trial and error, and the rigorous confinement to the norm is too stifling. Yet others believe that a disciplined process is essential to optimize the client-agency relationship."

Avi suggests that Chief Marketing Officers should embrace the spirit and attitude of Six Sigma, but should apply it with a light hand.  He offers these ten suggestions for applying intelligent discipline to the creative process.

Do you currently use a process to help ensure creative quality? Do you think it is advisable? Possible?


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