Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Show us yours

350 years ago, British scientist Robert Boyle composed a wish list of 25 problems for which he wanted scientists to find solutions. According to, Boyle's documentation "predicts the inventions of GPS navigation, flight, organ transplants, commercial agriculture and hair dye..."

Boyle's wish list is on display as part of the exhibit The Royal Society: 350 years of science at the Royal Society in London, and has inspired many modern scientists to show their own wish lists for the future. Here's a sampling:

  • David Eagleman, neuroscientist and fiction writer: Determine how to get by on zero sleep
  • Steve Jones, geneticist: Understand the science of human emotions broadly enough to put an end to war

  • Sean Carroll, physicist: Understand consciousness and intelligence, so that we could mimic it in computers

So, show us yours - what issues or problems are on your wish list?

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