Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Social Media Mantra

We've said it over and over again: It's not about the tools. And that applies whether you're talking about hammers and nails, scalpels and sutures, or Twitter and Facebook.

So, repeat after us: It's not about the tools. It's about the people who use them, what they use them for, and how successful those efforts actually are.

At you can find a series titled Social Pyramid which provides a comprehensive, strategic analysis of the value of social media tools within the broader context of content and communications. As the authors say, "You can not improve that which you do not understand." This series - which is also available as a white paper - will support your understanding of the relationship economy in general, and the role of communications and the tools that support it.

Author Jay Deragon states, "Social media cannot be efficiently used unless a strategy is aligned with intent. Intent are strategic issues that must be thought out thoroughly because strategy drives tactics, initiatives and ultimately results." (Thank you for saying that so clearly and succinctly, Jay!)

According to the authors, there are five strategic social media considerations that apply to any organization:

  1. Cultural Strategy

  2. Relationship Strategy

  3. Content strategy

  4. Distribution Strategy

  5. Actions

Of course, we are struck by the alignment of these messages to the DigitalNow commitment to value, strategy, and structure. Learn more about how issues like social media, communications, and the relationship economy are affecting your association. Join us at DigitalNow 2011: April 6 - 9 at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa: Save the Date!

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