Monday, June 14, 2010

Get more from your marketing in 2010

If you want to soup up your marketing efforts this year, there are five key things you can and should be doing this year, according to Marketing Profs.

  1. Invest in digital media that optimizes customer engagement. This includes experimenting with key words and phrases to boost SEO, designing a web site that is useful and engaging, and creating a "triangle offense" that includes email, mobile, and social media.
  2. Adopt service as your main strategic objective. Understand your customers' needs, treat them with respect at every point of engagement, and provide them with tools and information that show you know what they need and you care about their success. 
  3. Explore ways to take social media communications and engagement to the next level, but do so intelligently. Give your customers easy and integrated ways to connect to your services and to each other. There is strength in community.
  4. Protect your email reputation. Understand that your reputation suffers whenever you send out a boring or useless communication. And don't forget about spam compliance. Reacquaint yourself with your obligations.
  5. Increase email performance by becoming a relentless tester. Compare messages through split testing. Look at everything you do though every possible browser and device. Slip into your cutomers' shoes and walk a mile.

From an article by Joel Book, director of eMarketing Education at ExactTarget ( a global provider of on-demand email-marketing and one-to-one marketing solutions.

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