Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cool new hashtag tool

If you'd like to know who's using a particular hashtag, and even see a chart of its activity, then you'll want to visit

For those of you who may not be familiar with proper use of hashtags, here's a quick overview:

A Twitter hashtag is a keyword that is appended to all of the posts or "Tweets" that are related to a common topic. This allows users to follow the posts about a topic, rather then being confined to reading the Tweets of people they are following. If you wanted to see who's talking about the World Cup, for example, you would simply perform a Twitter search for #worldcup. The resulting page would present all of the Tweets that have been tagged that way - even if posted by people you're not following.

Using a hashtag is a great way to ensure that you are an active participant in conversations about a specific topic or event. Searching by hashtag enables you to find others with interests common to yours, to do market research, or find a subject matter expert.

A couple key things to keep in mind:

  • Don't use a hashtag unless your post really does relate to the topic at hand. It clutters up the stream for everyone else
  • Don't create a new hashtag for a topic or event until you've determined whether one has already been put into practice
  • Pick one or two hashtags for each Tweet - don't crowd your post with so many tags that you have no characters left to say anything

For those of you who are want to be part of the MPI WEC 2010 conversation, the official hashtag is #wec10 - pass it on!!




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