Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's solutions for tomorrow's problems

The Australian Commwealth Scientific and Industrial Reserach Organization (CSIRO) has recently published a report titled, Our Future World.

The report describes the outcomes from a CSRIO global foresight project and it presents "five global megatrends and global risks that may redefine how people live."

The five megatrends discussed are:

  1. More from less. The world's depleted resources will demand innovations in efficiency.
  2. A personal touch is about the growth of the services industry and innovations in targeted services.
  3. Divergent demographics  - some countries have an aging population that is suffereing from "lifestyle and diet related health problems" while others are experiencing population growth and food shortages.
  4. On the move. People move more. They switch jobs. They move their families. They travel more.
  5. iWorld. "Everything in the natural world will have a digital counterpart."

Read the report here.

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