Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 Reasons Why the Time is Ripe for Mobile

5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That's the forecast for 2013, just three years from now.

If you're not already using mobile in your marketing and/or service delivery, now is the time to take a closer look at how you can capitalize on this most intimate and ubiquitous form of personal technology that we've ever seen.

Author Christine Kerley of offers these five reasons why now is the time to jump onto the mobile bandwagon:

  1. Explosive adoption rates: Business markets have adopted mobile devices in droves—in fact, it's the one device that never leaves users' sides (or pockets)

  2. Fulfilling business-centric needs: Business professionals engage with their mobile devices by virtue of necessity, and needs always trump wants

  3. A uniquely "personal" channel: Mobile is the most personal communications channel and the closest you'll get to your business market, other than in-person interactions

  4. New ways into their worlds: Business professionals will exchange their information, time, and attention in return for mobile benefits

  5. The anytime/anywhere Web necessitates "more show, less tell": With larger amounts of information to manage on smaller screens, business audiences need content in "bite-sized chunks" and to be optimized to mobile environments via text, audio, or video

Read the article here. (Free registration required.)

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