Friday, March 12, 2010

You're only as good as your last decision

What does your last decision say about you?

As a CEO, your ability to make decisions is key. So, thinking about your personal decision making style and skills is paramount to your success as a leader.

The last time you were faced with a decision, did you waffle, or procrastinate for fear of making the wrong one? Or, did you jump up and pound a stake in the ground prematurely, just for the sake of reaching a position?

According to author Mike Myatt, no matter how many great decisions you've made throughout your career, the truth of the matter is that you are judged on the quality of your last decision.

At,Myatt offers these Six Steps of CEO Decision Making, to help guide you on your next decision-making adventure:

  • Perform a Situation Analysis

  • Subject your Decision to Public Scrutiny

  • Conduct a Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Assess the Risk/Reward Ratio

  • Assess Whether it is the Right Thing To Do

  • Make The Decision

Myatt says that finding the right action-to-analysis ratio is critical to developing a style that will result in consistently good decisions. Read the article here.

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