Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why innovate?

Everyone's talking about innovation as a core competency for excellence in leadership. But why? It almost seems moot to ask, but have you asked yourself, "Why do I care about innovation?"

At Blogging Innovation, authors Robert F. Brands and Jeff Zbar make no bones about it: Successful innovation turns ideas into money.

Some ways in which innovation may add value include:

  • "Enhancing the business model;

  • Networking;

  • Enabling a new core process;

  • Creating a new channel, brand or customer experience delivery model;

  • Offering a new product system, boosting product performance, or providing a new service."

The key to successful innovation? Finding the "balance between cost, price, and return. Balance is found, in part, by seeking stakeholder input and customer feedback during development..." Read the article here.

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