Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Optimizing your network

Networking expert Dr. Ivan Misner, PhD says that failure to keep both implicit and explicit promises can kill budding relationships that could prove valuable later on. Dr. Misner is chairman of global networking organization BNI International, and he also offers these additional tips on making the most of your people network:

  • Make people know you. Create an inviting image for yourself and engage people on a social level.

  • Share information. Follow up with a new contact by sending a marketing tip, photo, or other resource via email.

  • Think about how other people feel. Having a curiosity about human psychology can help you develop empathy, which can aid you in developing a networking strategy that is not only valuable to you, but is also considerate and helpful to your contacts.

Growing and maintaining a healthy network can enhance your quality of life and help build a brighter future. To view some networking case studies and to read Dr. Misner's list of networking dos and don'ts, check out the the article, How to Make your Network Work

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