Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are you listening?

Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook friending, Linking-in... you've got more ways than you can count to push messages out via social media. But that's only half of the communication process. The other critical piece is where you listen to what others are saying - about you, your organization, and about their own needs and challenges.

A recent article at provides tips on 13 social media "listening tools":

  1. Google Alerts

  2. Technorati

  3. Jodange

  4. Trendrr

  5. Lexicon

  6. Monitter

  7. Tweetburner

  8. Twendz

  9. TruCast

  10. Radian6

  11. Cision

  12. Techrigy

  13. Collective Intellect

See tools you've never heard of before? Learn more about them and how to apply them to your social media strategy. Read the article here.

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