Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is becoming an information master on your to do list?

Information Masters isn't a new book (1999), but I still find its messages valuable. One of the stats in the book is that historically 82 % of customer information investments are made in technology, but technology only determines 10% of customer information competency. Total competency comes from people skills (notice that it is first), processes, organization structure, culture, leadership, information and technology. New technology is always exciting, whether it be a new device, software program or Web application. But do we really budget enough time and training to develop competencies for analyzing and using the information created by monitoring Web usage or information captured by a customer relationship management system (CRM) or an association management system (AMS)?

Which leads me to what I really like about DigitalNow. It isn't just about the technology, it is about melding technology with people, processes and culture. There will always be new technology and, if you listen to the futurists, we are on the verge on another explosion of new technology and ideas.

I am interested in your thoughts - do you strategically plan for how to increase customer information competencies across the entire organization and not just the selected few. It seems to me our best investment to creating more value for our members is in becoming information masters.



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