Friday, March 28, 2008

The Role of Evolving Technologies: APQC white paper

Our Communities of Practice partner, APQC, has recently completed a benchmark study looking at Web 2.0 tools and the impact they are having on commercial enterprises.

Consistent with our observations and findings blogs, wikis, and social networking are gaining traction and are beginning to blur the lines between authoritative content/collaboration and connectivity to people. In other words, the focus within enterprises is now on connecting people first then collecting and managing content. It is an evolving paradigm shift that is helping to break down the silos within corporate America. What does that mean for associations?

It will be evolutionary. The early innovators who have taken the initiatives with blogs and wikis are establishing followings. Groups are beginning to evolve just as organic (member driven) communities evolved a few years ago. The viral nature of social networking is providing a complementary mechanism to advance connectivity. Having structure and flexibility in tools is making it easier to publish content. The key is providing organization, flexibility, and control.

Read the white paper, The Role of Evolving Technologies: Accelerating Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer published by APQC.

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