Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The 1% rule

Social media is on most of our radar screens. Do you also think about the 1% rule? The 1% rule is based on research by Ben McConnel and Jackie Huba in their book Citizen Marketers. The 1% rule says that of the total number of visitors to a democratized forum, 1% will create or contribute content.

You may wonder about making a big effort for only 1% of your audience or a fear that the 'wrong' 1% will contribute. But, do you also think about the opportunities you create for the 1% to stand out. When social media tools exist on your Web site, members build their personal/professional reputation through their association affiliation.

The 1% rule has an impact. It means being thoughtful (you don't want the tyranny of the few); it means developing member participation will take work (it doesn't just happen when the Web page is posted); it means not giving up too early, it takes time.

At Digital Now I hope to hear about your experiences with social media.
Has the 1% rule had an impact on your efforts to engage your members in social media?



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