Monday, April 07, 2008

Top Tips for Harnessing Web 2.0

This post on Melcrum's blog is a recap of a post from the Community Playbook and both are worth a read. While they are geared to P/R Professionals, this may help CEO's think about the advantages of Web 2.0.

Here are my favorites of the 9 top tips:

  1. Take a little time to play everyday - we did the "fifteen minutes a day" project when we started our staff self-guided learning project (that we got from the Digital Now last year).

  2. Learn the tools - there are no "user guides", just dive-in ad start using them. Hint: make sure you are using RSS feeds, etc.

  3. Drive traffic with the tagging and folksonomy that Web 2.0 tools provide

  4. Welcome a different pace - blogging is about now, not the normal, think, study, edit, revise processes we were used to. It is also about starting a conversation

Melcrum released a report last year that found less than a thrid of communicators felt confident about using social media as part of their communictaion strategy. Yet despite that gap, the report stated that 60% of organizations would have some form of social media in place during 2007.

Which one are you - Social media in place? or still thinking about it?

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