Monday, January 04, 2010

The future is about context

The semantic web has been heralded as the wave of the future, but what unique value does it bring?

According to Alisa Leonard-Hansen, while it will take some time before the semantic web fulfills its potential, its value is based in its ability to enable a more meaningful and relevant individual web experience by layering that experience"with contextual social data based on my identity.

"Our online identity." writes Leonard-Hansen, "will increasingly be defined by three 'pillars': who I say I am, what I do and say, and who I connect to (and who connects to me).

To clarify, our online identities are comprised primarily of three specific kinds of data:

  • Explicit or prescriptive data (i.e. the data that I input about myself: name, age, occupation, etc.);

  • Activity or behavioral data (i.e. what I do and say online);

  • Relationship data (i.e. my social graph and what my connections say about me).

The ultimate benefit? "Greater access to information through discovery, communication and collaboration."

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