Tuesday, December 02, 2008

DigitalNow 2009 Speaker Announcement: Amber MacArthur

The DigitalNow team is excited to announce the latest addition to our premium speaker line-up:

Amber MacArthur, New Media Specialist and Web Strategist

Amber MacArthur is the personification of “old school” meets “new school.” If you visit her web site at http://ambermac.com/, you’ll find connections from Wikipedia to the New York Times, and from YouTube to the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

According to Wikipedia, Amber is a Canadian television and netcasting personality, but it’s just not that simple to describe who Amber is and what she does.

Amber is a young media and technology professional who uniquely and perfectly represents our blended, cross-functional, multimedia, multi-cultural global society. Her work covers everything from reviewing the top 5 iPhone applications to discussing the unrealistic physical standards that the media promotes through the use of image editing and technical enhancements of photography.

With one foot anchored in traditional communications and relationships and the other splashing around in the river of new media, Amber is uniquely qualified to discuss the impact of social networking on our society in general, and to discuss how the social media “revolution” may affect associations in particular.

When she's not reporting on the latest Web trends, Amber MacArthur is working with companies—including HP, Bell, Microsoft and Adobe—to research, design, implement and monitor them. At the world-famous Razorfish, in San Francisco, she was a strategist for a variety of Web content, branding and usability projects. She was also the Web communications director at HigherMarkets, and is a co-founder of Arktyp, which designed TWiT.tv, one of the first and most influential podcast networks in the world.

No one knows “new school” like Amber – and she understands it from the “old school” perspective. You won’t want to miss her dynamic and intriguing presentation.

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