Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Announcing DigitalNow 2009 Speaker Charlene Li

The DigitalNow team is pleased to announce an exciting addition to the 2009 speaker line-up: Charlene Li.

Charlene is co-author of the influential book on Web 2.0 titled, Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.

Groundswell explores how social media -- blogs, wikis, Facebook -- has impacted the way customers interact with brands. These elements of a social phenomenon -- the groundswell -- has created a permanent, long-lasting shift in the way the world works. Most organizations see it as a threat but it is also an opportunity.

According to an article by Groundswell co-authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, "... groundswell technologies are exploding. They're cheap and easy to create and improve, they tap easily into the Internet advertising economy, and they connect people who naturally want to connect.

The net result of all this accelerating activity is that the groundswell is about to get embedded within every activity, not just on computers, but on mobile devices and in the real world. This is the ubiquitous groundswell."

As an award-winning Forrester analyst on social technologies, Charlene has developed a unique "ladder of engagement" methodology known as Social Technographics™ that places the groundswell into a practical framework. Social Technographics™ classifies people according to how they use social technologies. Classifcations include:

  • Creators

  • Critics

  • Collectors

  • Joiners

  • Spectators

  • Inactives

At DigitalNow 2009, Charlene will discuss how associations can take advantage of the groundswell, and utilize Social Technographics™ to develop a strategy that speaks directly to the unique make-up of their constituency.

In addition to discussing her work and its application to associations, Charlene will be providing a summary of DigitalNow highlights and helping associations create a plan of action.

Groundswell is available at

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