Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Untangling Twine

If you attended DigitalNow 2008, then you had the rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of Twine, a tool that uses Semantic Web technology to support search, research, networking, and collaboration.

Often, when we embark on experimenting with a new tool such as Twine, we become tripped up in trying to understand the technology behind it, even though such understanding doesn't actually enhance the value of the tool. According to Nova Spivack, Founder of Twine, it's less important for the end user to understand how Twine works than it is to understand what it can be used for.

"The Semantic Web is a technology that's useful. It's a means to an end, not an end in itself," says Spivack. "What we're doing... is talking about what you can use Twine for, and the fact that it's powered by the Semantic Web is a detail for geeks."

But even understanding what Twine can do for us is a challenge because it takes us beyond our traditional understanding of how web search works. For an overview of Twine and the semantic web technology that enables it, read this article from Technology Review.

It's not too late to hear the DigitalNow 2008 keynote by Twine Founder Nova Spivack. Watch the first of four clips of Nova's presentation below, or visit http://www.FusionProductionsNetwork.com.

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