Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Using social media to create social change

Marcia Stepanek, DigitalNow 2008 speaker and founding Editor-in-Chief of Contribute Media, is putting social media to work. Her blog, Cause Global, is dedicated to reporting on the ways in which people around the world are using social media to create social change.

In her latest post, Marcia provides an excerpt from an interview with Peter Gabriel - who in addition to being a successful and famous musician - founded The Hub, "the world's first participatory media site for human rights."

When asked about the power of digital media to advocate for free speech, Gabriel replied, "You know, the broader lesson about social media is that people want to connect and share and publish their own content. It’s not that they’ve necessarily stopped watching the mainstream media; rather, they don’t see the fullest extent of their lives reflected in the mainstream media. Maybe that’s what the role of social media is, to reflect that much fuller, rounder, human experience. I think that part of that experience, which ironically is feeding back into the mainstream media, is about what people think is wrong with the world and how they are sharing about how to change it."

Read the excerpt at Cause Global.

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