Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tagging gains traction

A study by the Pew Research Center indicates that" tagging" is gaining traction as a way for Internet users to organize information. As highlighted at DigitalNow in 2000, some type of categorization/taxonomy is needed by associations to help users and members organize information for their field and discipline. Sites such as and Flickr have helped put into practice the concept of "tagging."

Social tagging represents the extreme of group categorization that is compiling everyone's view of how a piece of information should be labeled. The idea of labeling is not new. All of us label our e-mail and documents everyday. The web has put this online and sites such as Flickr have provided a practical application to enable tagging to come to life. The beauty of tagging online today is its simplicity. The real benefit is the aggregation of these tags to see how people view the same piece of information. As Web 3.0 begins to take shape, watch for the next generation to focus on more intelligent approaches by grouping the tags into clusters.

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