Friday, April 20, 2007

Developing Your Organization's e-Strategy

At DigitalNow 2007, Sherry Budziak, President, .orgSource, moderated a panel titled, Developing Your Organization's e-Strategy. Panelists for this discussion included Brian D. Schramm, CAE, Director of Business Affairs, Society of Critical Care Medicine, and Patricia V. Blake, CAE, Executive Director, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE).

In response to several questions regarding the ASGE case study, here is an overview of their Phased approach for technology implementation. Keep in mind, this approach was structured based on the mandated deadline. Depending on your individual organizational e-Strategy, another approach may work as well.

ASGE Case Study: E-Strategy - A Blueprint for Success

Phase 1

As our site had not been updated since 2002, the priority was to establish foundation elements for a new site starting with implementation of a content management system (CMS) (Ektron CMS 400) to provide distributed publishing capability. In conjunction with the CMS, among the core Phase 1 elements were:

  • content audit
  • new information architecture
  • new branding and look and feel/graphic treatments
  • tagline creation
  • metadata for content
  • single sign-on for authentication across the web site
  • simple customization with MyASGE, and third party applications
  • overhaul of user interface
  • reworking of selective applications
Target: 75 days

Phase 2
We need to upgrade our core association management system (AMS) to pick up enhanced functionality for our fundraising capabilities along with a major renovation to our web interfaces to our core association management system (iMIS). The integration of the new AMS web applications with the CMS adds the second foundation element of our technology implementation plan. Phase 2 focuses on member self-service and the ability to have a very pleasant interaction with the organization. This phase will be implemented over 3-4 months.

Phase 3
Last, but not least, is the addition and integration of eLearning, Communities of Practice (CoP), and expanded MyASGE personalization. During Phase 3, we will focus on the strategy for implementing Communities and our eLearning programs.

For more details, feel free to contact Sherry Budziak (847-275-1840) or Theresa DeConinck at Fusion Productions (585-872-1900).

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