Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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Communities of Practice, learning as a social system: One of the early pioneers of communities of practice, Etienne Wenger sets the stage for CoPs in her 1988 article.

Association Communities of Practice: ISPE White Paper. Communities of practice at ISPE are being developed by like-minded practitioners with the desire to become actively involved under their own volition to address emerging industry trends. Communities of practice allow for these individuals to collaborate regarding issues in an open, efficient, and somewhat structured manner. Significantly, communities of practice will not exist simply as a result of an ISPE call for volunteers to participate in yet another committee, task force, or council. Rather, they will develop as a result of genuine interest shared by community members to learn and work together to solve similar problems.

Building Communities in the Federal Sector

Does identity matter in the online world? John M. Grohol, Psy.D. is an expert in online psychology and behavior discusses Wikipedia’s issues a few years ago, and makes the case that “registration systems” does matter. So in a “members only” world there is a point of difference for associations.

Webrings could be considered a form of distributed web community. A webring is a collection of independent websites on a similar theme, linked together by standard navigation aids which allow visitors to easily jump from site to site. A webring is usually controlled by a ringmaster who decides whether to admit new applicants to the ring. The initial popularity of webrings appear to have worn off, possibly because they tend to form closed communities, unlike the more dynamic communities that emerge among blogs linked to each other via RSS syndication. There are nevertheless still many thousands of webrings and they may re-emerge as a popular form of personal and collaborative publishing.

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