Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DigitalNow 2007: The Rise of Letting Go

DigitalNow 2007 announces the following workshop:

The Rise of Letting Go: How the Net Generation Teaches Us to Lose Control and Like It

Presented by Andrew Hinton, Senior Information Architect, Vanguard

As competition for your members' time and attention increases, and younger constituents seem harder to reach, it can sometimes seem like "Web 2.0" is less of a blessing and more of a curse. However, if we really pay attention to how the "net generation" uses information environments, we can learn much about how to engage members today, as well as strategically plan our technology for tomorrow.

Come examine the strange paradox of letting your users free in order to keep them close, and how "architectures of participation" are more about cultivation than organization. Gain insight into and a model for understanding the growing paradigm of the empowered user.Discover practical approaches for cultivating communities of practice among your constituents. This session is designed for leaders and managers who want to:
  • make Web 2.0 work for them, rather than against them
  • figure out how to make online communities relevant to their needs
  • create an environment that can better attract a new generation of constituents

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