Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DigitalNow New Year's News Round Up

This is a DigitalNow New Year's news round up!

First – a reminder that the central focus of this year's conference is the "promise and peril" of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 has been a featured cover story on more than one major industry magazine – but why limit your experience to simply reading about it when you can "experience" it? Here is how we plan to bring it to life:

News-Making Keynote Speakers

  • Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales – he's in the headlines, helping to define the very future of the Web and collaborative technologies.
  • Chris Trimble, author of “Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution,” takes the morning of day two. He's a no-nonsense guy who draws from his experiences in the corporate – and military – world.
  • "Fierce Conversations" author Susan Scott will present a keynote as well as lead an exercise in how to conduct your own fierce conversations at every level – board, staff and member.
  • And finally, headliner Stephen M.R. Covey, author of "The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything." Attendees at earlier DigitalNow conferences will remember that it all started with "trust" – the commodity that we've been saying associations "own" since the beginning.

The Hottest Topics

Other conferences are geared toward associations, but DigitalNow is specifically designed by and for association LEADERS. In fact, the entire experience is designed in collaboration with association CEOs, senior executives and volunteer leaders. Many association CEOs bring their entire leadership team to the conference with them and return to the office with new strategies and plans for execution.

Here are the topics we’re presenting – topics you've told us you want to learn about:

  • E-Publishing Tools for Associations
  • Using Web Analytics to Understand Your Members
  • Content Management & Search for Associations
  • Usability Boot Camp
  • Contracting for On-Demand Web Services
  • Performance Management & Balanced Scorecard for Associations
  • Attracting & Retaining Next Generation Members
  • Communities of Practice: Getting Started
  • Communities of Practice: Case Studies
  • Your Association Digital Dashboard
  • Making Personas Work for Your Site
  • How Users are Changing the Web
  • Outsourcing for Results
  • Linking Strategy to Execution
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning for Associations
  • Forming Successful Partnerships in the Digital World
  • Anticipatory Management Skills
  • The Future of Association Management Systems
  • IT Strategy Development
  • Networking for Good: Technology & Philanthropic Organizations
  • Folksonomies and Social Tagging
  • Competencies, Skills and Certification Tools

Each of these topics will be covered with expert presenters, association-specific case studies, interactive sessions and more.

For more information and online registration, visit

Please note our special rates for past attendees, group discounts and early registration.

See you there!


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