Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jimmy Wales to develop"Wikiasari"

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia – and DigitalNow 2007 keynote speaker – recently announced that he is teaming up with Amazon.com to create a new search engine that is expected to rival Google and Yahoo. Wales’ vision is to create a search engine that will return results based on human review, instead of the automated algorithm used by Google.

"Human intelligence is still the best thing we have,” said Wales, “So let's let humans do what they do best, and computers do what they do best.

The new search engine will be known as Wikiasari, which is a combination of “wiki” - the Hawaiian word for “quick” - and “asari” – a Japanese word meaning, “rummaging search.”

To read more about Wikiasari, visit: http://www.slipperybrick.com/2006/12/wikipedia-founder-plan-search-engine/

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