Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ham from the Spam

We all want to get our good email, also known as "ham," but we don't want our inboxes getting crammed with what is commonly referred to as spam. And if you're like most people, you're getting more spam than ever. In fact, a recent study conducted by Message Labs indicated that in June of this year, spam accounted for 90.4% of all email sent. It is the job of your filter to decide which emails you want to read. Filters make that determination based on a combination of things such as content and header filters, as well as taking clues and hints from you about which emails are considered desirable.

The war against spam may be getting easier, thanks to new software developed the Georgia Institute for Technology. The system, known as SNARE (Spatio-temporal Network-level Automatic Reputation Engine), scores each incoming e-mail based on a variety of new criteria such as internet protocol (IP) address, and autonomous server (AS) number associated with an email.

To learn more about the SNARE system and how it works, read the article at Technology Review.

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