Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seeing through member-tinted glasses

In order to deliver an experience worthy of your members' money, time, and energy, you must have a direct understanding of their expectations and experience with your association.

In other words, you have to look at your association through their lens.

How do you know what your members expect, and how do you evaluate the ways in which they are experiencing interaction with your organization? Are you making decisions based on assumptions hoping you'll provide value, or are your targets based on data and real-life member feedback?

According to www.MarketingProfs.com, an analysis of customer/member touch-points can provide you with the information you need to strategically manage the member experience.

"Because customers' needs and expectations change over time, the way you meet them must evolve in accordance with those shifts," writes Barre Blake. "Customer touch-point management provides a company with a critical baseline from which it can start to evaluate itself through the eyes of its customers and make small improvements to enhance the customer experience."

What do you consider the critical touch-points for your members, and how do you evaluate those interactions to provide continuous improvement?

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