Friday, March 13, 2009

Should your association receive, or kick off?

Declining revenues, productivity problems, cash shortages - these are just a few among many stresses on your balance sheet these days.

What is the best strategy against this thing called "the economy"? How can you plan to respond to the unpredictable? What tack should you take - should you take the offensive and focus on innovation, recruitment, and marketing? Or should you take a defensive position, protecting revenues and managing costs?

According to authors Graeme K. Deans, Chaitan Kansal, and Steve Mehltretter, there is no easy answer. In fact, there may not be just a single answer - the best approach may change with each particular organizational problem.

Even different companies within an industry may need to apply divergent strategies in order to survive in the same marketplace. Read more at Ivey Business Journal.

Here's a question to think about and leave a comment on: Do associations have the same choices? How are our choices the same/different?

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