Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Brain 2.0

Once upon a time you could carry all necessary information around with you in your head. When things got really hectic, perhaps you grabbed some 3x5 index cards and loaded your favorite pen into your pocket protector. In those days, information came to you in a few simple ways: face-to-face meetings, the telephone, and the mailman.

Times have changed, as you may have noticed. Information flies at you at warp speed and from countless directions at once. It has become both increasingly important and increasingly difficult to capture information at the point of exposure - and then be able to quickly find it again when you actually need it.

Phil Libin is CEO of Evernote, a revolutionary tool that serves as an upgrade for your brain. Referred to a "universal human memory extension," Evernote not only enables you to collect and organize information, but it can recognize, tag, and index handwriting, notes, and images, neatly depositing it all into a single searchable database that is integrated with your desktop and mobile devices. For example, Evernote allows you to snap a picture of a business card with your cell phone at lunch, send it to your account, and then search for any text on the card later on from your desktop computer.

Anything you see, hear, and trust can be collected and indexed with Evernote, essentially providing you with an external brain to help you and your members sort through the overwhelming amount of information that is surrounding you all the time and everywhere.

The Evernote approach to collecting, indexing, filtering, and distributing valuable information is a model for the role association executives must begin to fill for members in order to stay relevant and deliver value.

Join Phil Libin at DigitalNow 2009 as he discusses the fantastic voyage that is taking us from being tossed about by the volume of available information to getting in control of what we see and hear, and putting it to use in a way we can trust for greater effectiveness and productivity.

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