Tuesday, December 11, 2007

McKinsey global survey on Web 2.0

A recent McKinsey global survey gathered data about how organizations are using Web 2.0. Here are some highlights of the findings:

  • More than three-fourths of executives who responded plan to maintain or increase their investments in technology trends that encourage user collaboration, such as peer-to-peer networking, social networks, and Web services.
  • Executives say they are using Web 2.0 technologies to communicate with customers and business partners and to encourage collaboration inside the company. Seventy percent say they are using some combination of these technologies for communicating with their customers. For example, about one-fifth of them say they are using blogs to improve customer service or solicit customer feedback.
In a follow-up discussion, respondents offered insights into how and why their organizations are using Web 2.0 and where these technologies may offer a sustained competitive edge. Read the full article.

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