Friday, April 25, 2008

Four things you should do after this conference

1) Hunt beyond your industry (Jeremy Gutsche)
2) Listen to your members, staff team members, customers, and colleagues (Julie Evans of Project Tomorrow)
3) Play - don't be afraid to fail - these last two are mine!
4) Try some of the advice from the Digital Now network and sepakers..

Don Taspscott had it right eight (8) years ago, when he warned us about the tsunami of changes coming at us from technology and the generation that was "bathed in bits" (in his book, Growing Up Digital).
He said that if you want to keep up with technology, hire a 16-18 year-old in your tech team. That was how we got started in Second Life and produced a video we showed our our panel at today's session on Tomorrow's Members, Listening to the Voices of our Future. Don't be afraid to let these digital natives help you figure out this technology thing...
What have been your takeaways?

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At 7:54 PM, Blogger Frank said...

What struck me most about this conference was the new tone of sobriety about social networks. More than one association remarked that they had tried social networking and/or social media, and the results weren't living up to expectations. Memorably, one guy said about his networkign app., "The crickets are chirping." I count our association among them.
Several speakers spoke about going about this carefully. "Measure twice, cut once ... no rose colored glasses ... don't try to do too much too fast ..." Compare that to the breathless evangelists of prior years, and it's clear what's happening. We got caught up in the hype, and we have learned it's about more than the cool tool.
Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff at Forrester have a simple, clearly structured approach, and it starts with determining where your audience is playing right now. Technology selection is the last step in the process.


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