Friday, April 25, 2008

Video of Founder Nova Spivack

Knowledge networking is the glue that holds Communities of Interest and Communities of Practice together through facilitation of the discovery of knowledge.

The Semantic Web is the next generation in knowledge networking. is a new service that helps communities build and share knowledge around their interests through the application of semantics. Twine is a next generation service because it learns from the community of users to improve collective intelligence. Twine provides better personalization and collaboration and enables more user-generated content; it can be thought of as a social network that is designed specifically for Communities of Interest and Communities of Practice.

In this session, Nova Spivack, Founder of and CEO of will conducted a tour of Twine, and provided a live demonstration of its features. Nova discussed the future of The Semantic Web and how it will increase the value of communities.

View Nova's presentation video.

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