Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Web-Powered Control Shift: Social Computing

Abstract: The idea of social computing is getting a lot of play these days, most notably this week as folks discuss the fall-out, good and bad, of Chevy's own large-scale experiement in this space, Chevy Apprentice. Forrester's Charlene Li wrote some good coverage about this yesterday, as did ZDNet's Dan Farber. For those of you not following the premise yet, social computing is the fallout of the mass deployment of two-way style Web 2.0 technologies to a world-wide audience that is ready and eager to use them. What happened with Chevy Apprentice? Chevy created a community Web site where anyone could post their theme-based remix videos in an Apprentice style competition for their Chevy Tahoe product line. Over 22,000 videos were ultimately submitted.

Author: Dion Hinchcliffe
Date: April 7, 2006

Takeway: Illustration provides good contrast in culture and style of organization (association-governance) driven communities and organic (member-driven) communities that have emerge. There are significant differences in how organic communities are setup and managed.Power to the Periphery continues to expand.

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